Magdalene Coming Home
Transformational Housing for Women


The Magdalene Model

Our History

Magdalene Coming Home follows the model provided by the Rev. Becca Stevens of Nashville. In 1997, Rev. Stevens started the Magdalene program to provide women of trafficking, abuse, and prostitution a transitional home. In 2001, Magdalene expanded by creating a small shop selling body care items and candles. 

Today, the Thistle Farms/Magdalene enterprise serves up to 32 women in 5 homes, 6 additional women through an inmate program, and hundreds more with advocacy and referral services. Furthermore, Thistle Farms generated $2,000,000 in sales in 2016.

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Our team

A dedicated group of women have come together to form a strategic planning committee. Our members:

  • Dee Sanders
  • Denise Chai
  • Dinah Reed
  • Ginny Chase
  • Jan Davenport
  • Judy Lohmar
  • Kathy Kaczmarek
  • Lisa Hlass
  • Stephanie Gray



Our Mission

Magdalene Coming Home is a two-year residential program for women who have experienced abuse, addictions, prostitution or incarceration. Participants will live together in a nurturing community that fosters transformation of body, mind, and spirit and that promotes mutual respect and sustainable change. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be equipped with the skills and knowledge of resources needed to live as healthy and life-giving members of society.

Our Plan

Our business plan is modified from the original Magdalene model in Nashville:

  • 18-24 month, rent-free housing, medical and mental health treatment, and vocational training.
  • Trauma-informed services and support
  • No live-in staff; authority and responsibility lie with the participants in the home.