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#MentorMonday: Lisa Hlass

Meet Lisa Hlass

Lisa is one of the original visionaries for Magdalene Coming Home. She serves as the Associate Priest at St. Michael's Episcopal Church in Little Rock.

Lisa's Story

I became interested in Magdalene after learning about how successful this model has been in Nashville and other places (two year residential program for women who have suffered abuse, prostitution and addiction that supports the women while they learn to love and support themselves and each other) and after assisting with a parenting class at a women's correctional unit. It brought to home Jesus' message that "what you have done to one of the least of these you have done to me."

Many of these women have not known love, compassion, or trust. That's what Magdalene homes can provide -- a chance for women to start anew, knowing that they are loved, valued and worthy. We all deserve that chance.

Magdalene Coming Home