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#MentorMonday: Kathy Kaczmarek

Meet Kathy Kaczmarek

Kathy has worked for the last 10 years in the area of Prison Ministry, having worked as Chaplain and Mentor Coordinator with the Center for Women in Transition, and then as Chaplain with Arkansas Voices for the Children Left Behind. 

Kathy's Story

My training as Chaplain helped as I visited and taught classes at Pulaski County Jail, plus I gained a better understanding of the situations these women have survived up until now.

Having mentored and now made a lasting friendship with one woman for almost 9 years, I have witnessed the concerns she had for her family, her growth as a person of faith, and a determination to have a better life.  I have gotten to know her children, and how they were affected by being separated from their mother. I have also seen the challenges these women face upon release from prison and how much of an uphill battle it is for them.

My hope is that Magdalene Coming Home will become a place of safety, security, love, and charity, as it ill be a home where women can find healing and hope for their lives. Having taken the Magdalene/Thistle Farms training in Nashville, I have hope that we can make a difference in lives while they are still in prison andafter they are released. I believe in second chances, and that these women CAN become able to change their lives and make better choices.



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