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#MentorMonday: Dee Sanders

Meet Dee

Dee has been with the Magdalene team for over a year and a half. She has worked with various non-profits, including a board member of the Ronald McDonald's House in Little Rock.

Dee's Story

I had the pleasure of hearing Becca Stevens speak at the Daughter's of the King Triennial Convention in Salt Lake City in 2015. If there is a woman more passionate about what she does, I would like to meet her! She made us feel like we knew the women of Thistle Farms and their journey's. To hear about these brave women is to want to join them.  

A year later the committee formed in Little Rock and there was never a doubt that I would pitch in. Since then, we have planned and prayed! I attended a training at Thistle Farms in Nashville and am registered the first National Convention this upcoming June. With every phone call, email, and meeting we get closer to being able to serve women who have been victims of trafficking, addiction, and incarceration... won't you join us?





Magdalene Coming Home