Magdalene Coming Home
Transformational Housing for Women


Hope + Healing

Building a community of love and understanding

Magdalene Coming Home will be a two-year residential community for women who have survived violence, addiction, sexual exploitation, incarceration, or other trauma. Our residents will receive healthcare, job opportunity, and a compassionate community of sisterhood and support.

‘‘84% of women who enter the [Magdalene] program complete their 2 year commitment , and over almost 20 years, 70% of those women remain clean, sober, and out of prison.’’




12415 Cantrell Rd
Little Rock, AR 72223

(501) 224-1442

What we do


Our residents will live rent-free in a two-year program. Our houses are modeled after communal living-rooted in hospitality, mutual respect, and love for all.           

Job training

After 4-6 months of rest and recovery, the women find work, return to school and/or enter Magdalene’s job training program. The long-term goal of Magdalene Coming Home is to create a social enterprise comprised of residents, similar to that of Thistle Farms.

Prison Mentoring

Building relationships with potential residents is an important goal of Magdalene Coming Home. By mentoring women currently incarcerated, we are mending wounds before women come into our homes.

Physical and mental health

All residents are provided the access to health care to maintain recovery, receive mental health counseling, and support in rebuilding relationships with children and families.


I was tired, and lonely, and sad, and hungry, and alone. I never want to forget how bad that feels, and how good life feels now
— Thistle Farms Resident


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