Magdalene Coming Home
Transformational Housing for Women

Magdalene - Thistle Farms

Information about Magdalene Thistle Farms the model it provides for Magdalene Coming Home


We're joining a movement that began in Nashville, TN in 1997 and continues today.

According to statistics from Thistle Farms, « 84% of women who enter the program complete their 2 year commitment , and over almost 20 years, 70% of those women remain clean, sober, and out of prison ».

New residents are provided the resources to maintain recovery, heal from childhood wounds, become physically healthy and find employment.

After 4-6 months of rest and recovery, the women find work, return to school and/or enter Magdalene’s job training program.

Magdalene Coming Home will also be creating a social enterprise, probably involving urban farming and fresh food. Like Thistle Farms, it will provide an opportunity for meaningful, sustainable work, that will help these women live productive and happy lives.

We will also have resources to focus on helping the women to rebuild healthy relationships with children and families.